Service training in ATMOS

These days we have an electric compressors service training for our Belarussian dealer.


Book about history of ATMOS

The engineering company in Chrást was "born" in times of Habsburg monarchy, survived the Great War, developed in times of the First Republic, survived the Nazi occupation, the period of real socialism and the demanding period of changes after 1989. With the extraordinary story of a traditional Czech manufacturing company, you will soon be able to get acquainted in the Factory Story book. Follow us on Facebook



ARCHON successfully sold to Indonesia

The ARCHON master controller is a touchpanel and based on the highly successful SIEMENS Simatic S7-1200 industrial platform. It is designed to control 3, 5, or 9 compressors. ARCHON can be programmed for up to 10 weekly timetables. Compressors can be selected by fixed priorities or by actual working hours of each machine.
The sequence of selected machines can also be programmed in order to maximise the compressor station‘s efficiency. It is also possible to set up to 3 independent pressure bands that enable an adaptation of the machines to different demands. Communication is possible via Profinet or Modbus. The ARCHON’s state-of-the-art technology also enables ATMOS to offer custom made solutions.
Measurement of the entire station’s power consumption, remote monitoring via integrated webserver, datalogging on SD card, connection to factory control / visualisation systems or frequency inverter monitoring are available as options.